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Three Reasons You Should Get into BTC Right Now

Obligatory Disclaimer: To modify a quote from Tim Ferris, “I am NOT a financial advisor, and none of this advice should be taken without speaking to a qualified professional very first. Also, my results [are most likely] due to unspoiled luck and zero skill.” But…this is working for me.

Recall when BTC was only $Trio?

I got into BTC when it was

$190, and after a few months of accumulating, I got out. I had lost some money, and I believed the lies I heard permanently from the mainstream media — BTC is a bubble!

Now here we are at $Four,000. Don’t you wish (like I do) that you had overlooked the haters and just bought some? Well, it’s not too late.

Reason #1 you should get into BTC right now: the value will only proceed to grow.

Why am I so certain? Because Bitcoin proved it could get through a hard fork. It didn’t just sustain — it’s thriving. Further, only a fraction of the world’s capital is invested in BTC. And at $Four,000, the price could go WAY higher, meaning your investment, even at $4k/BTC, could build up a LOT of money.

BTC is still in the hipster stage

Haven’t you secretly always desired to be a real hipster? You know, getting into something before it’s cool? Back in 2014, I determined against truly getting into Bitcoin, because at $190/BTC it was supposedly “too late.” Even today tho’, the stats say otherwise:

What if Bitcoin hit $Five,000? Or $8,000? Or even $Ten,000? Wouldn’t you wish that you’d bought in at $Four,000? Maybe you should. It’s still not too late to be an early adopter, but that window of time is shrinking. Governments, institutions, venture capital, and celebrities are embarking to pay attention. You should too!

Reason #Two you should get into BTC right now: Bitcoin’s rate of adoption is still fairly low, and the potential is still fairly high.

That being said, BTC is already exceptionally valuable. To put it in perspective, Bitcoin is worth

Three oz of gold, and is in the top fifty currencies in the world. Where else can you find an chance where there is a crazy low rate of adoption, but the product is insanely valuable?

BTC is opening doors

It’s no secret that the innovations in the blockchain world have only come about because Bitcoin pioneered the way. ethereum, Decred, SingularDTV, Vinny Lingham’s Civic— all these incredible companies are building on the foundation that Satoshi laid.

Even if you’re still skeptical of the “high price” of Bitcoin, there are slew of opportunities for you to get involved in the ground floor of amazing companies who are doing revolutionary work. Healthcare, entertainment, real estate, banking, government — all of these institutions will radically switch in the next 5–10 years because of Bitcoin’s fresh technology, and you could be a part of that.

Reason #Trio you should get into BTC right now: Bitcoin permits you to participate in revolutionary projects that you can’t find anywhere else.

So even if you aren’t a fan of buying into Bitcoin just for Bitcoin’s sake, you should at least consider the possibility of exchanging that Bitcoin for a token that represents innovation in a field you care about.

It’s not too late to get into the game. In fact, it may be the best time. The Bitcoin community is pretty cool, and could use more interested people like you.

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