Bitcoin Wednesday: The Blockchain in the Energy Market

Bitcoin Wednesday 40

The 40th edition of Bitcoin Wednesday will be held in Amsterdam on five October 2016. The accomplish program for this event will be announced right here.

A limited number of tickets are available. Please RSVP as early as possible if you want to attend.

The evening will include:

Grid Singularity: Decentralized Energy Data Exchange

Dr. Alexander Vasylchenko is one of the most accomplished innovators in the industry. Perhaps best-known for his pioneering work as CTO of Mycelium, he is now CTO of Grid Singularity, which brings blockchain technology to the energy market and enables very granular energy transactions without the need for a central authority.

Panel Discussion: The Future of Energy on the Blockchain

This edition of the Bitcoin Wednesday conference will feature an exploration of the ways that distributed ledger technology can be applied to the energy market. All of the speakers will participate in a panel discussion on the future of energy on the blockchain led by session chair Jos Röling of IBM. Mr. Röling will give an introduction to some of the opportunities and risks that the Blockchain presents to the energy industry.

NRGcoin: A Blockchain-based Incentive for Renewable Energy

Dr. Mihail Mihaylov is a post-doctoral researcher at the Artificial Intelligence Lab at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. His work is focused on renewable energy, brainy grids and blockchain technology. Energy on the Blockchain

Dr. Martin Berger is head of the innovation lab at German software consultancy ITP and a Blockchain hackathon winner: His blockchain solution for the energy sector,, was shortlisted for the GTEC Blockchain Innovation Award in May 2016.

DAJIE: Blockchain Solutions for the Internet of Energy

Marco Sachy, aka “Radium”, is the Blockchain Designer for Dajie, a company that produces distributed ledger solutions for the energy market. Dajie’s solution is an affordable, modular, scalable toolkit for energy clever grids and the Internet of Things.

Mr. Sachy will be joined by his colleague Alex D’Elia, aka “acme”. Mr. D’Elia is CTO and co-founder of Dajie and a specialist in mesh networking, clever grids and the Internet of Things. Mr. D’Elia is also an pro in the delivery of renewable energy supported by decentralized infrastructures.

Optimize Embarking a Startup

Rutger van Waveren is program director of Amsterdam’s Rockstart where he presently presides over their Web and Mobile Accelerator Program. He previously founded two startups, one of which he sold to Sanoma in 2007. At Rockstart Rutger is responsible for selecting (and investing in) the most promising startups and helping them grow exponentially.

Krijn Soeteman, a science and technology journalist for Tweakers and a regular contributor to Bitcoin Wednesday, will co-chair the sessions.

You are invited to join us once again for this upcoming edition of Bitcoin Wednesday, including another program revolving around the significant recurring theme of cryptocurrencies in Dutch society. As you’ve come to expect, networking will be at the heart of this event: run into your old, familiar Bitcoin Wednesday friends and colleagues and tell stories about the early days; meet the newcomers and share your ideas about the future. After a number of thought-provoking conference presentations, there will be ample chance for networking at the bar.

Mark your calendar for the very first Wednesday of the month so that we can raise a toast together to the enlargening role of Bitcoin in Dutch society. Please take note:

  • So that the digital currency revolution leaves no one behind, please bring colleagues, friends, family and neighbors with you.
  • Bitcoin Wednesday is an accessible event for anyone who has interest in digital currencies or the related technologies, a excellent chance to meet other like-minded professionals, and exchange ideas in an informal atmosphere.

Mark it down in your agenda; join us on the very first Wednesday of every month. The conference itself usually embarks at Nineteen:00, but we gather earlier at the bar for networking.

For all Bitcoin Wednesday conferences, space is limited and advance registration is always required.

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