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Doing an ICO on

If you wish to do your ICO on, please provide the following information:

1. Website: A link to your website.

Two. Whitepaper: A copy of your whitepaper, in both English (and Chinese).

1). What problem does your coin solve?

Two). Why does it have value?

Three). Why would the value increase over time?

Four). Why would the value increase swifter than BTC or ETH?

1). What’s your current development progress?

Two). Can we see your project on github?

Three). When will your product go live? Please provide a specific date, to the day.

(1). Binance’s exchange platform went live eleven days after our ICO. We challenge you do to better. We will consider projects that accepts this challenge at a higher priority.

(Two). Binance generally will not accept ICOs with go live dates too far into the future.

Four). In the event you miss your promised go live date, what protection can you suggest your investors? Please provide a solution.

1). How many people are on your team now?

Two). What are their backgrounds?

Three). Who will be on your team after the ICO?

Four). What compensation will each team member get (a rough range will do)?

Five). What are their equity shares or coin allocation?

6). What noteable projects have their accomplished in the past?

7). If any member on your team is not total time, please indicate them clearly. Please also indicate what other projects/work they are involved with.

8). Have you or anyone on your team been involved in other ICOs or coins? Which ones?

9). Do we (the Binance team) know you personally? If yes, please indicate it, who and for how long?

1). Who are your advisors?

Two). What are their contact details? Better yet, ask them to contact us and vouch for you in one or two sentences.

1). What legal structure are you adopting for your project? Where is it incorporate?

Two). Please send a copy of your incorporation documents.

Three). Please provide with ways of accessing/ inquiring information regarding your fundraising project/ foundation.

1). What is the structure of your ICO?

(1). How much do you plan to raise in total? We generally choose puny ICOs. Big ICOs are good for headlines, but usually have issues later on, especially in secondary (exchange) markets.

(Two). How many sessions do you wish to conduct?

(Three). What is the schedule/size/coin for each session?

(Four). You must have at least one BNB session, please tell us the size. We recommend 5-20% of the volume you allocate on our platform.

Two). Which other ICO platforms have agreed to do your ICO?

1). How many people are there in your community?

Two). Please provide a head count and link for each of the following:

Three). Do you have your own subreddit/sub-forum on:

Ten. What type of coin will you issue?

1). A fresh blockchain? Or ERC twenty coin?

1. Binance charges an ICO fee, payable only in BNB.

1. Please send email to with all the above information.

Two. It may takes a duo of days for us to react, if we react at all.

Three. Binance presently receives about twenty requests per day, success rate from request to ICO acceptance is less than 1%.

Four. If you don’t hear from us after submitting a request, it most likely mean your coin didn’t make the very first cut. Please don’t ask us why.

Five. You are welcome to attempt again with more wooing information/data at any time.

We generally evaluate coins with the following criteria, in priority order:

1. User base: an existing user base will help tremendously.

Two. Product: we like ICO that have a real product. Or if not, we need to know when the product will be available.

Trio. Team: we like to see a team with a proven track record, history and reputation in the industry. We also like to see a fully dedicated team, working only on one project.

Four. Advisors: credibility is paramount in this business. We may contact each one of your advisors, or better if you can ask them to contact us to make a vouch, that will help your listing.

Five. Concept: we put little to no value on “concepts”. Concepts are cheap.

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