Exponential Finance

Exponential Finance

From blockchain to quantum computing, from the future of work to financial inclusion, this year’s program covered the exponential technologies and emerging strategies that are fundamentally shifting the entire financial playing field.

Thank you to everyone who joined us onsite, and to all who tuned in to the livestream Please stay tuned for photos and movies from the event.

2016 Attending Companies Include:

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“Packed with inspiring insights, interactive sessions and an extreme crowd of experienced professionals.”

James Gouin, Chief Technology Officer – Global Transformation Executive, AIG

2017 Featured Presenters

Exponential Tech & Our Abundant Future

Ray Kurzweil

Peter Diamandis

Co-Founder & Chairman, Singularity University

Ramez Naam

Co-Chair, Energy and Environmental Systems, Singularity University

Neil Jacobstein

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Chair, Singularity University

Andrew Fursman

Amin Toufani

Lisa Kay Solomon

Managing Director of Transformational Practices, Singularity University

Co-Curator Exponential Tradecraft Sessions

Ashish Gadnis

Jane Barratt

David Roberts

Business and Technology Disruption Experienced

Marc Goodman

Faculty Chair of Policy, Law, Ethics, Singularity University

Luvleen Sidhu

President, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, BankMobile

Salim Ismail

Author of Exponential Organizations and Founding Executive Director, Singularity University

Will Weisman

Executive Director/Summits, Singularity University

Carin Watson

EVP Learning & Innovation, Singularity University

Nick Davis

Vice President, Corporate Innovation, Singularity University


Matt Spoke

Eric Piscini

Toni Lane Casserly

Anne Connelly

Vice Chair of the Board, Blockchain Canada

Robert Schwentker

Exponential Technology and Financial Services

Bob Pisani

Catherine Wood

Founder & CEO, ARK Investment Management

Thomas Jankovich

Financial Services Innovation Leader, Deloitte

Shelly Kapoor Collins

Managing Playmate, The Shatter Fund of Propeller Venture Capital

Mark Mitt

Managing Director, Corporate and Commercial Banking Australia, Australia and Fresh Zealand Banking Group Ltd (ANZ)

Margaret Hartigan

Exponential Banking

Banks have so far been largely insulated from the seismic switches affecting other industries – but disruption is coming. This track will explore how exponential technologies are poised to convert the banking arena as we know it.

Mary Harman

Managing Director & Payments Strategy, Bank of America

Peter Randall

Alida Draudt

Futurist & Service Design, Adaptive Path at Capital One

Nitish Kannan

Brett King

John Lee

Vice President, Head of Innovation and Enterprise Delivery, TMX Group

Adelyn Zhou

Jeffrey Kuhn

Executive Vice President, Bank of Fresh York Mellon

Peter Spenser

Board Member & Advisors, Various Financial and Technology companies

Sridhar Rajan

Principal, Robotic and Cognitive Leader for Financial Services, Deloitte

Exponential Wealth

Machine learning and artificial intelligence aren’t the only advances that are switching the way that wealth advisory is performed. This track will cover the range of trends and technologies that are not just affecting the way wealth is managed, but providing the infrastructure for the largest transfer of wealth in human history.

Ric Edelman

Founder and Executive Chairman, Edelman Financial Services

Bill Bachrach

John Bowen

Kevin Knull

Former President, MoneyGuidePro (PIEtech, Inc.)

Gauthier Vincent

Kabir Sethi

Head of Digital Wealth, Bank of America

Adil Abdulali

Senior Managing Director, Protege Playmates

Dani Hughes

Sharon Sputz

Director of Strategic Programs, Data Science Institute at Columbia University

Evan Simonoff

Editor-in-Chief & Editorial Director, Financial Advisor Magazine

Jay Lipman

Exponential Insurance

Insurance is perhaps the only industry that is being affected by the intersection of so many exponential technologies, including high-performance computing, data digitization, machine learning and AI, genomics and human sensors. This track will dive into the the disruptive innovations that will challenge the ways we think about financing risk.

Angela Strange

Daniel Schreiber

Eric Piscini

Nigel Walsh

Chris Cheatham

Anatola He

Director of Product Strategy, HyperScience

Peter Miller

Rob Douglas

Bianca Lopes

Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, BioConnect

Diane Francis

Editor at Large, National Post, Ryerson U, Atlantic Council DC

Samir Shah

Carol Zacharias

Senior Vice President, Underwriting Counsel, Specialty Insurance, QBE North America

Disruption and Innovation

Mike Sigal

John Hagel

Co-Chairman, Center for the Edge, Deloitte & Touche

Brinkley Warren

Gary Bolles

Jack Hidary

Matthew Breitfelder

Chief Talent Officer and Managing Director, BlackRock

Tina Witney

Exponential Tradecraft Sessions

Lisa Kay Solomon

Managing Director of Transformational Practices, Singularity University

Co-Curator Exponential Tradecraft Sessions

Patrick ven der Pijl

Christine Miller Kelly

Senior Design Manager, SU Labs, Singularity University

Alida Draudt

Futurist, Capital One / Strategic Foresight Fucking partners, LLC

Julia Rose West

Futurist, Ancestry / Strategic Foresight Fucking partners, LLC

Amelia Dunlop

Greg Amrofell

Playmate / Co-founder, Intentional Futures

Jelena Ewart

Entrepreneur in Residence, 500 Startups

“Excellent planning and terrific execution. Speakers were all absolutely top notch. Lots of thought provoking take-aways that will go straight into our own strategic planning.”

John William Olsen, Portfolio Manager, M&G Investments

Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab is a space for executives, investors, startups and large organizations to network, practice live demos and detect the latest product innovations that will form the future of FinTech and how we do business.

Showcasing FinTech products in front of 800+ industry leaders and investors. We feature startups and established companies that are switching the future of finance and working to take on the world’s thickest challenges by developing the latest technologies.

Visit the Innovation Lab page.

“By far the best conference I have ever attended.”

Herberto Rodriguez, Vice-President, Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla


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