Filet Crochet P2: Increase and Decrease

Filet Crochet P2

Increase and Decrease

In Filet Crochet P2 I’m going to train you how to increase and decrease. It can seem confusing at very first, but is actually pretty effortless when you get the basics down pat.

There is one fresh stitch to learn. Some instruction calls it a Dual Triple crochet. I’ve also seen it called a Triple Triple (or Triple Treble) crochet. I’m going to go with Dual Triple as I think its the most used in ‘American’ patterns.

Do you suffer from squishy blocks and leaning posts?

Please see Filet Crochet P3

Filet Crochet P2: Increase

Filet Crochet P2: Increase one Block at the Beginning of a Row

Chain eight and Dual Crochet into the very first post. The eight links of the chain represent three on the bottom, two up the outside, and three on the top. Your dual crochet makes the left post closing the fresh block.

Enlargening one block at the end of the row.

This is where the Dual Triple Crochet (or triple triple, or triple treble) comes in. Begin by chaining two stitches (makes the top of the fresh block). You can’t see them in this picture because I’m pulling it taut for the photograph.

Then yarn over four times.

You will place your hook in the same place that your last post was made.

Draw one loop through the stitch AND through the very first loop on your hook. Accomplish the process with four – Yarn over, draw a loop through two loops on your hook.

That makes the Dual Triple crochet stitch into the box at the end of the row.

Filet Crochet P2: Enlargening MORE than one Block at the Beginning of a Row

This is where your  skill of the basics  comes in. Just like in the beginning you will need to chain three for each extra block (minus one block), plus chain eight for the last block you want in the fresh row. Example: If you want to add two blocks you would chain three for the very first one, and eight for the last one. Total of eleven stitches. If you want to add three blocks you would chain three for each of the very first two (6), plus eight for the last block. Total of 14.

Enhancing three blocks would be chain 14.

The very first Dual Crochet would be in the 8th chain from the hook.

Chain Two, the next Dual Crochet would skip two chains below and Dual Crochet into the 3rd.

Chain Two, at the end of the increase your dual crochet would be into the stitch above the post.

Enlargening MORE than one Block at the End of a Row is using a series of Dual Triple crochet stitches (or triple triple, or triple treble – depending on what you are calling it). The trick is where to put the stitch in the previous block.

As you look at your previous block you will see three groups of two threads. You want to place the Dual Triple stitch in the center group (or in other words, in the 2nd group below the top of the stitch). The picture below shows you where.

Proceed with your Dual Triple crochet stitches until you’ve enhanced to your desired blocks.

Filet Crochet P2: Decrease

Filet Crochet P2: Decreasing Blocks at the Beginning of a Row, Chain one and turn, slip stitch across the number of blocks you wish to decrease. Pick up the chains inbetween the blocks. End on the right side post above the block you wish to begin on. Chain five and proceed as normal Filet Crochet.

Decreasing Blocks at the End of a Row is the easiest of all. Just stop crocheting.

Increase Solid Blocks

There is a bit of a trick to doing this, but it indeed is pretty effortless.

Enhancing one Block at the Beginning of a Row.

When you get the point where the next row adds one solid block, chain Five.

NOTE: Most books say to chain six but I don’t like the look of a chain 6. You can attempt it if you like.

(You will be working in the two chains closest to the previous block post.) Begin in the 4th chain from the hook and do one dual crochet, followed by a 2nd dual crochet, and one more on top of the previous block post.

NOTE: If you chained six you would embark in the 5th chain from the hook.

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