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Develop Partnerships with Two,000+ attendees, including 200+ CEOs, from six hundred companies and twenty five countries.

Range of Topics

Seminars will cover a range of topics, including Blockchain, FinTech Trio.0 and institutional investing and more.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Raise brand awareness and launch fresh products or services in the most impactful industry platform .

International Speakers

Hear from financial tech experts from all over the world.

Introducing Inwards Fintech Conference & Expo

Inwards Fintech Conference & Expo investigates Fintech Three.0, including Blockchain technology and other decentralized solutions for financial processes, and its influence on the global financial ecosystem. Hear from the finance industry’s most forward thinking individuals as they seek to leverage advances in technology to improve payments, investment strategies, mobile banking, navigate the world of regulation, and more. We’ll explore a unique chemistry inbetween Fintech entrepreneurs, investors, bankers, and governments across Asia and the rest of the world.

Inwards Fintech Startup Package

We have launched the startup package for those who want to expand their territory into the Asian market. A startup rate of USD nine hundred is available to a limited number of fintech startups founded in less than three years. The startup package includes startup booth, company exposure in KOR/US websites, showguide and newsletter, two day conference pass (per booth), welcome reception tickets (Two per booth).

The Welcome Reception is sponsored by Industrial Bank of Korea and takes place at 6:30 pm on December 8(thu) at Hall 6, KINTEX two with global investors, bankers, speakers, media reporters, and government officials. For more information about our startup package, please click here or contact our sales team.

Who Should Attend?

  • Accountants
  • Banks and Financial institutions
  • Bitcoin Entrepreneurs
  • Brick-and-mortar merchants
  • Consultants
  • Credit and loyalty solution providers
  • Crowdfunding platform operators
  • Daily deal and group buying networks
  • Data and payment processors
  • Developers
  • Economists
  • Entrepreneurs and startups
  • Finance pioneers
  • Fintech innovators
  • Founders of early stage and emerging growth companies
  • Fund managers
  • Industry analysts
  • Legal professionals
  • Mobile wallet and mobile commerce providers
  • Online and non bank lenders
  • Online retailers
  • Public policy makers
  • Private equity, corporate, and venture capital investors
  • Regulatory compliance experts
  • Remittance specialists
  • Security solution and risk management providers

Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Media Fucking partners

Diamond Sponsor

LC Company

LC COMPANY is established to supply excellent value to customers and nurture FinTech industry in Korea. With youthfull, talented colleagues, LC COMPANY is ready to inject into not only remittance market but other fintech services including bitcoin wallet and payment making use of blockchain technology. LC COMPANY provides customized fintech solutions in order to meet diverse needs of clients. LC COMPANY will enhance the current status of fintech industry in Korea and become the most professional fintech group in Asian region.

Gold Sponsors

Industrial Bank of Korea is an industrial bank company headquartered in Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea. The bank was established in 1961. Its bank slogan in the financial network is “Global Leading Bank.” This bank is possessed by the Government of the Repulic of Korea. Especially in 1997, during IMF and Sub-prime mortgage crisis, this bank enhanced business loan for SMEs which had difficulties. In two thousand thirteen Kwon Seon-joo became its CEO, and thus became South Korea’s very first female bank leader. This bank convey financial/non-financial care and dedication to the public while serving as a stepping stone for the growth of SMEs. So this bank became true to the name of the best supporting bank for SMEs in South Korea.

NEM is an open source blockchain project that very first embarked in February, 2014. A project that was developed from the ground up using Java, it is undergoing a 2nd iteration in order to enhance its spectacle. The NEM blockchain solution is a peer-to-peer platform technology that comes in two flavours, i.e., the private chain (Mijin) and the public chain. NEM platform technology is designed to work with mainstream industry requirements, and as a very versatile solution, it is well suited for the financial industry as well as for general use. NEM’s enhanced features give rise to a holistic solution not found in most blockchains. These include a multi-ledger solution for management of numerous assets and multi-signatory of transactions. One of the more creative applications of the NEM blockchain technology is the Apostille solution where documents can be notarised and subsequently updated and transacted from one proprietor to another. As a financial blockchain solution, NEM finds its use in payment, clearing, and settlement in a totally managed private environment that meets with the requirements of most regulatory frameworks.

Silver Sponsors


Bluepan was launched in 2015. Its purpose is to disrupt the entire global remittance market with digital currency technology, commonly known as Bitcoin.We believe that our remittance technology can help migrant workers and puny business owners save remittance transaction fees significantly.As a result, Bluepan helps migrant workers, their families, and their countries prosper. Our migrant workers remitted $40M through our service and they saved $1.5M in remittance fees.(Nov. 2016)

Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining offers hosted cryptocurrency mining services and a multiplicity of mining related solutions to petite and large scale investors. The combination of their algorithmic trading framework, mining infrastructure, and proprietary mining farm-management software, Genesis Hive, quickly made them an industry leader. Genesis Mining is also the founding fucking partner of Logos Fund, the very first ever Bitcoin Mining Fund, which targets professional investors looking to build up access to Bitcoin’s potential.



CoinPay is a leading technology company aiming to build a seamless digital currency payment platform together with a loyalty prize program powered by blockchain technology. It introduces the world very first Wise Payment Solution which enables merchant to accept numerous digital currencies from their customer and get paid in a plain secure and low cost way. The up-coming CoinPay Prize Program will be the world most innovative loyalty program that violates the barriers of different brands, currencies and countries. Customer will receive real shopping benefits in digital currency which they can use within the CoinPay merchant network and sell on the open market.


Coinplug is a digital currency startup focused on blockchain-based financial platforms and services. We use the Blockchain technology to create fresh financial innovations or upgrade existing financial systems to utilize the Blockchain technology. Our team is comprised of the best Blockchain engineers and researchers from around the world and presently hold the most Blockchain related patents in South Korea. We have been funded by companies in Silicon Valley and by various financial institutes in South korea. With the funds we have created a worldwide micro-transaction platform, a Document Authentication / Notarization solution and a Blockchain backed Identity Authentication service.


ezidox™ is an award-winning document collection and management platform for businesses that need to collect, verify and securely store numerous documents from their clients or other third parties as part of a elaborate transaction. Mortgage applications, procurement, compliance, employee on-boarding and management, professional services, government departments, etc. ezidox™ makes document collection swifter and simpler for both Collectors and Senders. ezidox™ tracks the accomplish process so that both parties know exactly what stage they are up to, and receive regular reminders until the process is accomplish. The entire transaction is then auditable if required. ezidox™ is customisable so that Collectors can specify the names of documents needed and group them any way that suits so that documents are grouped and indexed according to the establsihed workflow.

Kookmin University

Kookmin University‘s MBA in FinTech Management educates leaders of financial industry by providing a converged curriculum in financial business, information technology, and strategic innovation. At Kookmin University’s MBA in FinTech Management that was established on September 2016, students from leading companies in banking, securities, credit card, insurance, and public enterprises are seeking to build up academic practice at the very forefront of FinTech. The rigorous coursework program on FinTech, Big Data Analysis, and Digital Marketing will make Kookmin University’s MBA in FinTech Management be where the next generation of scholars are in training today.

Korea Funding

SkyAsset launched the very first online investment platform about over-the counter stock in Korea in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven and has researched its contents for nineteen years. We provided various information about IPO, stocks for public subscription and consulting services for both domestic and overseas investors. SkyAsset launched ‘Korea Funding’ in order to enhance P2P financial services in Korea providing a secured loan in association with professional investment advisory committee.

Australian Embassy (Austrade)

Australian Embassy (Austrade) is a governmental organisation which promotes Australian trade, education, tourism and foreign direct investment


PayGate is a global leading cross-border online payment platform provider with extensive cross-border online payment process treating practice. PayGate has been operating for over seventeen years (founded in 1998) and presently supports over Three,000 merchants. PayGate assure a secure online payment processing for all available international credit cards through advanced, secure, reliable, and cost-effective payment platform. The business uses unique and individual online payment processing technologies for minimising fraud and chargeback risk with cost efficiency. Find out more about PayGate by visiting www.paygate.net and following PayGate on Twitter: @PayGate_kr and Facebook: @paygateKorea



AIZEN is an AI technology company, consisted of members who assumed various roles in leading financial institutions and technology companies. AIZEN aims to automate decision-making process using industry specific deep learning algorithm and machine reasoning process to produce data-driven solutions to businesses in various sectors. AIZEN analyzed $20B loans of last ten years and has partnered with global leading players. AIZEN is working with 1) Woori Bank, a major bank in Korea, to implement AI function in global banking system as a very first FinTech playmate and Two) KDDI, a Japanese telecom company, to implement AI prediction model in telecom and financial business division.


Brilliant card(BPAY) can combine various cards such as credit, debit, membership, prize and even ID card on to one card. Simply clicking the button you can manage and choose card that you want to use. Brilliant card makes your life lighter and better in many ways!


Kemoim by Coinluck is like a wallet in your mobile, with social credit cards in. Host a credit union, issue virtual credit cards for the members and choose the terms including rate, maturity, and penalty on default, of course, if you permit, the others can top-up these credit lines. Or activate those credit lines opened to you ONLY when you want it, and when you like the terms given to you. The stronger your social network is, the better your interest rates will be. We are looking for playmates to help us link our credit networks to payments in the world.


FINFUNDING is a real estate mortgage P2P investment / loan company that provides a reasonable income for investors and a platform with a constant interest rate for borrowers. Our mortgage lending is based on our investment in credit, trade receivables, securities, etc. to society as a entire.


Holla is a blockchain remittance service that permits people to instantly transfer money globally with a very low cost. We are experts in the fresh financial innovation and by utilizing the best of fresh blockchain technology we provide a slick p2p money transfer no matter where you are. Users can send money to anywhere in the world at anytime through our elementary and intuitive mobile app and get the money in their bank accounts. We have a scalable solution with fucking partners all around the world who treat local exchanges, support and services.


IVYSOLUTIONS provides fresh payment solution based on Bluetooth, O2O platform service named ‘Shop Manager’ and membership prize service named ‘BTARGO’ targeting puny and medium merchants. We also provide on/offline mobile payment service, customized contents and membership prize program for each merchant. IVYSOLUTIONS attempts to provide quality mobile services and stay ahead in FinTech industry in Korea and beyond.


Korbit commenced as the world’s very first Bitcoin-KRW exchange. In 2016, Korbit also introduced a cross-border money transfer settlement platform. At the core of our operations is the blockchain, a distributed ledger technology that’s converting the foundations of global finance.

  • Mobile biometric authentication solutions and service
  • Multi-modal support including face, voice, fingerprint, iris etc.
  • Omni-channel support including mobile app, web, call-center, ATM and branch
  • Homomorphic encryption development
Kreators Inc.

Tortoise is a Mobile Savings App that links Savings and Health Care Targeting mobile – friendly Millennials, Tortoise is a savings platform that permits users to seamlessly save pocket money through health related activities such as walking, eating healthy, and leading an overall healthier lifestyle.

  • Fintech is composed of Society, Technology and Data and is more associated with Finance than technology.
  • P2P Finance is also one kind of Fintech based on crowd-funding. – Connecting Lenders and Borrowers by suggesting MID-RATE and thus receives some usage fees of platform from users
  • Provide the MID-RATE Loan (Individual, Corporate and Petite business) with Ordinary process and the Social Matching System.
  • Investors invest in the bond by using the Optional Automatic Invest System in accordance with their risk taking conditions which provides more benefits than a bank.
  • Block Chain Technology – Linkages of domestic and abroad secondary bond market

Founded in August 2016, Mouda is a peer-to-peer lending rigid based in Seoul. Consisting of experts in political economy, law, web programming and financial data analysis, our team aims at creating an extra-ordinary financial practice for our investors and borrowers. We are working on expanding our services to medical finance and loans, beyond private loans and mortgages other P2P finance firms concentrate on.


MoneyQ is the world’s safest financial P2P platform MoneyQ is the only platform which provides investment products with safe collateral unlike other P2P platforms. MoneyQ deals with products which have been verified by financial professionals with more than one hundred years of practice and real estate professionals. MoneyQ is the world’s safest crowd funding platform. In the event of overdue, MoneyQ will take over receivables or reassign it to companies and individuals to minimize investment losses.


OKLink is a global blockchain money transfer network that gives every remittance and payment company the same cost advantage, global reach, and speed that took Western Union many decades to build. The company builds on the trust of the blockchain to connect and enable transactions inbetween transfer and delivery companies worldwide using blockchain anchored digital assets and multi-signature technology. Launched in August 2016, OKLink is growing rapidly with its services presently available in twenty countries across Asia, Europe, the Americas and Africa. OKLink’s sister company operates OKCoin, the largest digital asset exchange in China.


The company behind Tendermint is All in Bits, Inc, a Delaware C-Corp. We are a globally distributed and growing engineering team with members around the world. Our mission is to enable quick and secure distributed ledger infrastructure for all use-cases.



Bitcoin.com is your premier source for everything Bitcoin related. We can help you buy bitcoins, choose a bitcoin wallet. You can also read the latest news, or engage with the community on our Bitcoin Forum. Please keep in mind that this is a commercial website that lists wallets, exchanges and other bitcoin related companies.

Official News Distribution Playmate

PR Newswire

PR Newswire (www.prnasia.com), a Cision company, is the premier global provider of news release distribution and multimedia platforms that enable marketers, corporate communicators, public relations practitioners and investor relations professionals to leverage content to engage with all their key audiences. Having pioneered the commercial news distribution industry in 1954, PR Newswire today provides end-to-end solutions to produce, distribute, target and measure text and multimedia content across traditional, digital, mobile and social channels. Combining the world’s largest multi-channel content distribution and optimization network with comprehensive workflow instruments and platforms, PR Newswire powers the stories of organizations around the world. PR Newswire serves ems of thousands of clients from offices in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific regions.

Media Fucking partners

The BayPay Forum

The BayPay Forum, a Silicon Valley-based international network composed of over 12,000 payment and commerce executives, entrepreneurs and investors from thousands of different companies, serves as a forum to connect members in identifying and understanding the emerging trends and innovations in the industry.

Bitcoin Center Korea

Bitcoin Center Korea is a co-working space and an incubating center to all things about Bitcoins and beyond. We provide educational classes, collaborative workshops, networking and other arousing events related to Bitcoin, Fintech and open source projects.

Courageous Fresh Coin

Courageous Fresh Coin (BNC) is a Data & Research vendor, suggesting Asset-Class broad market-data & index solutions. The Bloomberg of Blockchain, BNC collects live data from over one hundred trading platforms, various blockchains and industry statistics to produce Market & Blockchain API’s, Analysis, News and Charts for traders and enterprise alike.


BusinessKorea is the oldest and most well-known monthly about business on the Korean peninsula. It was very first published in June 1983, and is now in its 31st year of publication. Since 1997, BusinessKorea has been suggesting its content to Reuters, Dow Jones Information Services (publishers of the Wall Street Journal), Financial Times Information, and Factiva under licensing agreements. This year BusinessKorea has entered into a distribution agreement with the Wall Street Journal, to be distributed across their network in Asia. Where you can see the WSJ, you can also see BK. The international network of BusinessKorea is composed of eighteen Overseas Media Representatives, including Marston Webb International in the US and Globe Media International in Canada. BusinessKorea’s readers include managers and executives with companies both large and puny, as well as Korea’s top decision-makers and top-ranking ministry officials. Our subscribers and readers also include members of the expatriate business and diplomatic community in Korea. Internationally, we are Korea’s most read business and financial publication, with a rapidly growing list of sophisticated readers in more than one hundred countries. Now more than ever, readers and advertisers are discovering the power and reach of BusinessKorea. Our reading audience represents a broad-based and distinguished group of multinationals suggesting the finest in products and services – positive proof of the continued confidence that BusinessKorea maintains. With global interest in the Korean economy growing rapidly, now is the flawless time to become a part of Korea’s very first and foremost English-language business publication.


Cangoto provides information of five hundreds of exhibitions held in Korea all in one place to customers and also provides free tickets and effortless register/entrée services. With Cangoto, visitors can save time by quick entree without packing out the questionnaire form and waiting long line stand. By using 1.4million user traffic, exhibition promotion and effortless collection of visitors’ information are possible.

Chamber of Digital Commerce

The Chamber of Digital Commerce is the world’s leading trade association signifying the digital asset and blockchain industry. Our mission is to promote the acceptance and use of digital assets and blockchain-based technologies. Through education, advocacy, and working closely with policymakers, regulatory agencies and industry, our purpose is to develop a pro-growth legal environment that fosters innovation, jobs and investment.


CoinGecko is a website that provides data on cryptocurrencies such as price, trading volume and market capitalization. CoinGecko also ranks cryptocurrencies by developer and community metrics to give a three hundred sixty degree overview of the cryptocurrency market.

Coin News Asia

Coin News Asia is your premier pioneer in news, information, and prices on bitcoin and other digital currencies with concentrate on the Asian cryptocurrency ecosystem. It provides independent and accomplished reviews about various cryptocurrency services, aiming to suggest the most accurate coverage in the world of neo-technologies, finance, and igaming integration.


Finmaps is the world’s largest financial network, which consists of a directory of financial services, financial media network and financial social network

Among our visitors and followers are respected businessmen, government employees,

owners and CEOs of financial companies, forex and stock traders, employees of

financial firms and corporations, introducing brokers and ordinary people. All

these visitors are prospecting for more information about services and financial

products having a superb interest in learning more about finances.

Fintechnews Singapore

Fintechnews Singapore covers stories about the Fintech Ecosystem – i.e. Mobile Payment, Private Finance, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Robo Advisor and Lending – and Startups in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Fintechnews.sg also provides a bi-weekly newsletter with the most significant information about the Fintech industry in Southeast Asia.

FinTech Weekly

FinTech Weekly is a free newsletter that helps you stay up to date with your fintech skill, featuring the latest articles on developments, solutions and innovations in the business. Additionally, FinTech Weekly provides dates for conferences, hackathons and deadlines – everything worth knowing in the business once a week for free.


Korea’s Largest Independent News Agency – NEWSIS. The compound word “NEWSIS’ is formed from the words “NEWS” and “is”. Newsis does its utmost to report professional contents lightly, quick and accurately by building strong relationship with world’s leading news agencies.


ONOFFMIX is the largest event business platform in Korea. We are the platform for live practices that permits people to find and create events for sharing interests, tastes, skill, and practices among people. ONOFFMIX permits event organizers to plan, promote, and sell tickets to events and also enables attendees to find and purchase tickets to these useful contents and cultural activities. We have been carrying our business successfully as a meeting and social gathering platform since 2010.


A free quarterly print and digital guide to the Bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem, yBitcoin magazine showcases the best of Bitcoin and blockchain to a global audience of businesses, financial leaders, investors and enthusiasts. yBitcoin and its sister publications Bitcoin Magazine and The Distributed Ledger are possessed by BTC Media LLC, based in Nashville, TN.

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