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How to create a bitcoin wallet

Block chain is an online Bitcoin Wallet that permits any people to transfer bitcoins as a payment to any part of the world in just as effortless as one – two – three steps. It is a free service which makes lighter to send and receive your Bitcoins without the need of Bitcoin client software. It was very first released in August two thousand eleven that maintains the list of records involved in the bitcoin transaction.

Every user need to connect to a bitcoin network in order to transfer bitcoins. It is strongly protected by cryptography and hence it is merely unlikely to crack. If you want to know more about block chain wallet then you can read what Wikipedia says about Block Chain. Here this article written to explain you about how to create a block chain wallet account?

It is just like your local bank account where you create a savings account and store your money. Same way create a free account with Block Chain wallet and store your Bitcoins. You can convert the BitCoins to cash at any time you want or make a payment for any services you used.

Creating an account with block chain will takes only a few minutes of your time once you are ready. Let me explain in detail how to register a free account.

STEP 1: Open website

Open Choose Wallet option from the list of navigation menu located at the top of the web page.

STEP Two: Click Create Blockchain Wallet account

Now, You need to create a Fresh Block Chain Wallet account right, so just click “Create A Free Blockchain Wallet” button .

STEP Three: Accomplish the Registration form

The next browser geysers the form, and it asks for Email and Password. Use your primary Gmail ID and create a fresh password for this account . Use Uppercase, Lowercase alphabets, Numbers, Special characters and make eleven – fifteen characters as your password .

Hooray, your Block Chain wallet account created. Just press Get embarked to expose your dashboard which will come in the next screen.

STEP Four: Look up your Block Chain Dashboard

In the next browser, click “Get Commenced” to view your fresh Wallet Dashboard.

Here’s your own block chain wallet account. Now it shows zero BTC. Here where you are ready to make thousands of dollars in cash. Nosey to know how? Learn how to earn money from Bitcoins?

If you open a savings account in your bank, you will get an 16digit number that is unique to identify your account number. Same process here too, just click “Receive” button to get your thirty four digit Alpha Numeric characters unique BTC address and it looks like 113NXWvi……….FKMtwDAmBaDqgs7o


Do not leave behind to verify your Email ID associated with your block chain wallet. Open your Gmail ID and you may find the mail like this photo.

Now login to your Fresh Blockchain Wallet account using your Wallet Identifier copied from your Email and with your password.


Now it’s time to secure your account. Get your backup phrase which will be used in case of your password was lost or any un-authorised switches. Click on “Backup Pharse” and it will ask for your account password.

Inject the password and print the sheet. Now press “next” will display the very first four word of your back up phrase. Write the same in the printed sheet or some where else.

Click Next Four Words and write down next and same. It has totally twelve word phrases to note down. Make a copy somewhere and keep it safe.

After writing all the twelve words, press “final step” button. The next screen will ask you to come in any four words in random.

Accomplish the task and click Finish.

Create a password hint to recall your password if you left behind at the login process. Accomplish all the three to finish Level one security process to protect your block chain account.


Now, go to Level Two: of your account protection. Need to link a mobile number to your wallet account and enable 2-Step authentication factor which you will already know and is similar to Gmail 2-Step authentication.


Level three safety: Blocking IP that suspects to be part of anonyms from TOR netwrork.

Super, Awesome you by yourself created a block chain wallet account and got your unique BTC address.

Securely write your Back up phrase, Unique Wallet identifier used inplace of login email iD, password etc.

Now its time to work in Faucet sites and commence earning Bit Coins. Accumulate your coins in this secured wallet and use later to purchase any thing or transfer to someone and get cash instead.

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