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** WE ARE BUYING BITCOIN & Litecoin @ (Trio) 24/7 LOCATIONS! ** updated Sept/04/17

Are you looking to sell off some Bitcoin or Litecoin for instant cash?? We actively buy Bitcoin & Litecoin for cash on a daily basis at our machines. We presently have three locations, all are 24/7 and super convenient.

Instructions below may be dated. Machines vary from locations.

How to get Cash for Bitcoin in Toronto and the GTA

When attending a two way machine you will notice that you have two options, I WANT BITCOIN or I WANT CASH. In this case we want CASH since we are selling Bitcoin to the machine.

Bitcoin For Cash

How much do you want to sell? *Anything under $500 will not ask for a cell number, anything over will ask. In this example we are going to cash out $2500. The only options available are $20 and $100 as this is all the machine will dispense. Make sure that the amount you select you have the coins available for sending.

Bitcoin for Cash

At $2500 we are now going to select Cash Out

Bitcoin for Cash

Due to the amount of cash you will be wanting, the machine will ask for a cell phone number. You will need this number to cash out. If you are using an application to produce a cell phone number it will need to be able to accept SMS and be a valid number for upto twenty four hours.

Bitcoin for Cash

Once you have entered your number you will receive an SMS verification code to ensure you have access to that phone number. This is so you may be able to cash out. Inject the security code that is sent to your phone via SMS.

Failure to do this step can result in your coins being sent to the machine and zero cash being dispensed.

Cash for bitcoin

A QR code will now be produced for you to scan and send coins to. If you fail to send the correct amount the machine will not dispense any cash. If you are expected to send one BTC, the machine will wait for one BTC. Anything less = zero cash. Anything more results in only the cash that was promised being dispensed. Please take note of this.

The machine looks for one confirmation before it will SMS you a REDEEM code.

Bitcoin for cash

REDEEM and get CASH.

Its time to get your cash!

The next step is pretty straight forward. At this point you have received a SMS that your cash is now available for dispensing. Click the REDEEM button just below I want Cash.

The SMS / ticket is valid for twenty four hours but we suggest during cash out that you get your funds sooner than later.

Bitcoin for cash

Once you click Redeem you will be asked to inject your phone number again to verify that it is you,

Bitcoin for cash

It will now ask you for the security code to cash out.

Bitcoin for cash

Once you have entered the code you will see the Dispensing Screen. Look at the stand holding the machine up, there is a dispensing slot. That is your cash coming out there ��

Bitcoin for Cash

A successful transaction at ��

bitcoin for cash

a) You will need internet connection / data, on site. If you aren’t sure, check.

b) You will need to valid cell phone number for selling volume amounts. This cell number must be valid for twenty four hrs from time of selling your Bitcoin.

c) In some instances of selling Bitcoin you will be required to wait for a blockchain confirmation. Confirmations on the blockchain network can take time. We have seen confirmations take as long as one minute to as long as one hour. We cannot control the speed of confirmations.

Petite volumes do not require confirmations. However, if the transaction is deemed ‘high risk’ the machine may ask for a cell number. If you do not come in a valid and available to you cell number the machine will not dispense.

** we do not meet in person to buy and sell Bitcoin **

** the machines do not take visa, debit or, bounty cards **

Want to sell large volume to the machine? You can call and verify how much is available.

Please contact us at # 1-855-77-BITCOIN (24826)

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