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9/7/17, 6:45 PM CEST

European Parliament lawmakers put forward plan to deal with seats vacated by departing Brits.

9/7/17, Five:26 PM CEST

Theresa May to meet select group at European Parliament

The British prime minister turned down an invitation to address all MEPs.

9/7/17, Four:08 PM CEST

GOP livid after Trump cuts deal with Democrats

Congressional Republicans say the budge will only embolden Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi in future talks.

9/7/17, Three:28 PM CEST

Hungary: Visit by MEPs is ‘political interference’

Minister calls visit by committee ‘shocking.’

9/7/17, Two:52 PM CEST

French, Dutch send aid to Irma victims, but UK response criticized

Hurricane Irma has been ‘hard and fierce,’ says Emmanuel Macron.

9/7/17, 1:13 PM CEST

UK cannot use Northern Ireland as post-Brexit ‘test case,’ says Michel Barnier

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator says he is ‘worried’ by what he read in the UK’s proposals on Northern Ireland.

9/7/17, 12:35 PM CEST

German minister: Refugees who rely on smugglers have no future in Europe

EU funding for Libyan camps would make comes back possible, says Thomas De Maizière.

9/7/17, 9:14 AM CEST

Merkel’s ‘forgotten sisters’

French reforms, EU Brexit papers and Dutch Cabinet expansion feature on Thursday’s front pages.

9/7/17, Five:51 AM CEST

As Spicer looks for work, his celebrity rating isn’t helping

A talent agency provided POLITICO with the data used by TV executives to assess audience appeal. The former Trump spokesman bombed.

9/7/17, Four:16 AM CEST

Labour to Tories: Help us stop Brexit power grab

Keir Starmer says there are several Tories with ‘pretty fundamental concerns’ about the government’s EU Withdrawal Bill plans.

9/7/17, Four:12 AM CEST

Britain’s other Brexit battle

Even as London negotiates with Brussels, a battle has been taking place inwards the department charged with extracting the UK from the EU.

9/7/17, Four:03 AM CEST

Sigmar Gabriel’s Indian summer

German foreign minister’s revival increases the chances he will play a key role after this month’s election.

9/7/17, Four:02 AM CEST

EU diplomats speak softly, carry puny stick

The EU punches below its weight on foreign policy because real power lies with national capitals.

9/7/17, Four:00 AM CEST

EU’s Tajani: Brexit phase one might not be over till Christmas

The European Parliament president sees little in the way of ‘sufficient progress’ but slew of ‘foggy proposals.’

9/7/17, 1:51 AM CEST

7 takeaways from Catalonia’s insurrection day

Catalan parliament approves October one independence vote.

9/6/17, 11:29 PM CEST

Czech lawmakers vote to undress PM candidate of immunity

Andrej Babiš denies having illegally obtained an EU subsidy.

9/6/17, 8:52 PM CEST

Trump hits fresh low in public opinion — but he’s still hitting Hillary Clinton

Just thirty six percent of those reached by the poll feel either very or somewhat positive about Trump.

9/6/17, 8:Nineteen PM CEST

Erdoğan calls Merkel’s stance on EU membership ‘Nazism’

The Turkish president blasted the German chancellor for discussing an end to EU accession talks.

9/6/17, 8:09 PM CEST

Antonio Tajani: EU must keep the door open for Turkey

European Parliament president says ‘we need to keep on talking and thrust Turkey to switch its line.’

9/6/17, 7:Ten PM CEST

Bell Pottinger scandal, sadly unpreventable

The scandal raises serious questions about the way Britain does business.

9/6/17, Four:39 PM CEST

Hungary says refugee ruling ‘raped’ EU law

‘The real battle is only just beginning,’ foreign minister announces.

9/6/17, Four:24 PM CEST

Trump tells May ‘now is not the time to talk’ to North Korea

The growing nuclear threat from North Korea has quickly become one of the largest challenges facing Trump.

9/6/17, Four:13 PM CEST

Additions to the EU transparency register (August twenty seven – September Four)

Last week forty one fresh organizations signed up in the joint transparency register of the European Commission and the European Parliament. Fresh entries include: Agrifood Campus of International …

9/6/17, Three:32 PM CEST

Clinton shares how it felt calling Trump to concede

She says her call with Trump was ‘without a doubt one of the strangest moments of my life.’

9/6/17, Two:08 PM CEST

Michael Caine backs Brexit because ‘I’d rather be master of my own fate’

The Oscar-winning actor said the UK was being run by Jean-Claude Juncker, who ‘doesn’t seem to like us.’

9/6/17, Ten:17 AM CEST

ECJ rejects Slovakia, Hungary refugee challenge

The EU’s refugee relocation scheme is ‘proportionate,’ says the court.

9/6/17, 9:52 AM CEST

Bavarian leader calls migrant family reunification ‘mistake’

‘Anyone who has brought his family to Germany will never comeback to his home country,’ Horst Seehofer said.

9/6/17, 9:Eighteen AM CEST

As Macron’s popularity glides, Edouard Philippe stands up

Merkel’s last parliament session, Theresa May’s plan to end free movement and a failed coup in Belgium on Europe’s front pages.

9/6/17, 6:53 AM CEST

Trump still pushing for a fifteen percent corporate rate

US president is sticking with his target, even tho’ advisers working on tax reform have told him it’s not a workable figure.

9/6/17, Five:00 AM CEST

Most citizens not glad with EU but still want to stay in: examine

Survey shows sixty six percent are dissatisfied with direction of bloc.

9/6/17, Four:07 AM CEST

Westminster’s power couples

Who’s dating whom in the corridors of power.

9/6/17, Four:05 AM CEST

Why Barnier is Britain’s best friend in Brussels

The Frenchman’s thicker ambition is the Commission presidency in two years — and he can’t get it without a success in the Brexit talks.

9/6/17, Four:02 AM CEST

Angela Merkel’s journey from ‘Mädchen’ to ‘Mutti’

Life and times of the physicist who was in the sauna when the Berlin Wall came down.

9/Five/17, 8:30 PM CEST

Nikki Haley: Trump ‘has grounds’ to say Iran violating nuclear deal

UN ambassador alleged Iran has ‘hundreds of undeclared sites that have suspicious activity.’

9/Five/17, 7:32 PM CEST

Comedian menaces to sue Merkel over response to Erdoğan poem

Jan Böhmermann says German chancellor’s statement had ‘significant consequences.’

9/Five/17, 7:23 PM CEST

Juncker smacks down Orbán over border funding request

‘Solidarity is a not an à la carte dish,’ Commission president tells Hungarian premier.

9/Five/17, Three:43 PM CEST

Trump says he’ll permit Japan, South Korea to buy more military equipment from the US

President promises ‘very sophisticated’ weapons for regional allies.

9/Five/17, Three:Nineteen PM CEST

Nigel Farage to campaign for far-right AfD

Brexiteer will show up alongside Beatrix von Storch in Berlin.

9/Five/17, Two:52 PM CEST

Theresa May has support of MPs ‘at the moment,’ says backbench chief

‘If my colleagues are blessed, then I am,’ leader of one thousand nine hundred twenty two committee of backbench Conservative MPs says.

9/Five/17, 1:03 PM CEST

The Gerasimov Doctrine

It’s Russia’s fresh chaos theory of political warfare. And it’s most likely being used on you.

9/Five/17, 12:54 PM CEST

Germany to thrust for raunchy line on Turkey with EU leaders

Chancellor Angela Merkel wants ‘determined course of activity’ on whether to end or suspend membership talks.

9/Five/17, 12:24 PM CEST

Manfred Weber: Commission can’t ‘simply dismiss’ Hungary

Brussels should take Viktor Orbán’s request for financial support on border security earnestly, says European Parliament group leader.

9/Five/17, 9:45 AM CEST

Austrian chancellor rules out coalition if he loses October election

The social-democrats are presently in third place in the opinion polls.

9/Five/17, 9:01 AM CEST

Jeremy Corbyn mulls veganism

German coalition deals, Dutch government talks and British university hacking also on Europe’s front pages.

9/Five/17, 6:14 AM CEST

Spicer grounds post-White House gig

President Donald Trump’s former press secretary will go on the paid speaking circuit.

9/Five/17, Four:03 AM CEST

Theresa May isn’t ‘just about Brexit,’ says her deputy

Prime minister’s closest ally says bold series of domestic reforms will begin to be flipped out before Christmas.

9/Four/17, 11:40 PM CEST

Germany’s petite parties go for the jugular

A pair of fast-paced, engaging debates in the race for third place.

9/Four/17, 8:36 PM CEST

Commissioner calls for European intelligence system

Dimitris Avramopoulos says if there had been better coordination, latest terror attacks in Europe may have been prevented.

9/Four/17, 7:50 PM CEST

Merkel calls for tougher North Korea sanctions

German chancellor and South Korean president say that they want to avoid a military escalation.

9/Four/17, Five:55 PM CEST

Nikki Haley: Kim Jong Un is ‘begging for war’

The UN Security Council imposed sanctions on North Korean exports last August.

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LATEST: European Parliament leaders decry ‘lack of clarity’ on Brexit from UK

SolarCoin hopes to rail the bitcoin hum

The solar power digital currency hopes to spur interest in renewable energy.

8/22/17, Ten:00 AM CET

Updated 8/26/17, Five:Nineteen AM CET

SolarCoins work like a prize program for solar power generators | Pascal Guyot/AFP via Getty Pictures

SolarCoins work like a prize program for solar power generators | Pascal Guyot/AFP via Getty Photos

Bitcoin hit a record value of over $Four,480 this month, and the cryptocurrency’s steep rise is attracting copycats — one of which, SolarCoin, hopes to boost solar energy by providing people an incentive to go green.

SolarCoins work like a prize program for solar power generators: People or businesses with solar panels can get a coin for each megawatt hour of electro-stimulation their solar panels generate. Users have to send scans of verified meter readings as proof of power generation, which are checked by volunteers.

An average individual producer in Belgium would get about five SolarCoins per year, said François Sonnet, an advisor to the SolarCoin project who is also co-founder of ElectriCChain, a solar energy generation data project that helps with the disbursement of the digital currency.

Unlike bitcoins, SolarCoins aren’t yet going to make anyone rich. The average value of a coin is about eighteen cents, up from six cents at the beginning of this year. That gives the hypothetical individual Belgian solar power producer an annual windfall of about ninety cents.

But the ambitions are big.

Halting early steps aren’t preventing the project’s founders from dreaming of vast riches.

The project began in 2014, and its founders set a maximum limit of 97.Five billion SolarCoins that can be claimed over the next forty years, based on solar power generation estimates from the International Energy Agency, Sonnet said. They are stored in a reserve account wielded by the Solarcoin Foundation and will be exchanged step by step as solar panel owners claim them.

“The idea is to create a global network of solar installations so that people can begin using this digital asset as a means to buy, trade and sell goods and services into this currency,” said Sonnet.

About 240,000 SolarCoins, worth a total of about €43,000, have gone to solar power producers in thirty nine countries, Sonnet said.

Users can explosion their coins in an online wallet application, shop online from stores that playmate with the project, or trade them for dollars, euros or other currencies on Lykke Exchange, a Swiss-based exchange platform.

“At the moment there are not that many shops doing that,” Sonnet said.

A few business are accepting SolarCoins. ekWateur, a Paris-based independent renewable energy distributor with about 13,000 customers, began taking the digital currency in March. It has seen three transactions with SolarCoins so far from two different customers, one worth €4 and the other two worth about €100, said Julien Tchernia, president of ekWateur.

Tchernia said he plans to exchange the SolarCoins for euros in the fall.

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