The Bitcoin Faucet Part one – Affiliate Income Marketing

The Bitcoin Faucet Part 1

After the very first article How to get free Bitcoins – The Bitcoin Faucet List, I have determined to write about Bitcoin and Altcoin Faucets on a more regular basis because there is just so much information to cover!

I would very recommend reading the other article very first if you are fresh to Bitcoin, Altcoins and Faucets because the information here might make little sense.

If you already an experienced Faucet trooper than you welcome to advise the audience further below in the comment section.

This is going to be a very arousing series of articles because as you read you will:

  • Detect the potential of collecting bitcoins and altcoins absolutely free, with $0 investment required!
  • Have the advantage of knowing which faucets you can trust and which ones to avoid.
  • Find a crimson list for all the scams and a green list for all the legit ones that pay.
  • Finish tasks that will earn you Bitcoin and other Altcoins.
  • Find movies that will help you become more educated about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.
  • Learn the advantages and disadvantages of faucets.
  • Learn strategies to earn different cryptocurrencies prompt by using specific tactics and numerous faucets.
  • Learn about loyalty, referrals, tasks and mystery bonuses that can increase your claims by up to 1250% a day!
  • Learn about different kinds of wallets and micro-wallets, how they work, how to create and use them.
  • Learn technologies we use to find genuinely interested and active referrals.
  • Learn to build passive income rivulets and much more!

Please reminisce I will NOT be demonstrating you any “get rich quick” schemes here!

A lot of what will be collective doesn’t require any practice nor any special abilities but if you want to make good money it does take time, hard work, concentrate and dedication! Oh and a computer with internet connection of course ��

Some readers love the finest details so I intend to supply everything I’m learning and experiencing using faucets.



Firstly there is a difference inbetween mining cryptocurrencies and collecting from faucets.

For mining you need a contract or be able to supply your own mining equipment like CPU’s (Processors) and GPU’s (Graphics Cards).

Collecting from faucets only requires that you have a compatible Bitcoin / Altcoin e-wallet and a computer with internet.

WARNING – There are many fake e-wallet sites out there, if you not sure which ones you should use please leave a comment here for advice or contact support.

For Bitcoin we use Coinbase, which also permits you to collect Ethereum and Litecoin.

TIPSIf you do any illegal activities online (black money) and use Coinbase and Blockchain addresses to claim black money then your account can and very likely will be frozen!

There are presently a lot of disgruntled individuals like gamblers, porn site owners and others trolling the forums that Coinbase has scammed them but they don’t want to admit how they got their Bitcoin or Altcoins, this seems to be the case with a lot of these complaints and frozen accounts.

Personally we have not had issues with Coinbase yet and have been using it for transactions no problem.

Are you excited and ready to begin collecting free bitcoins and altcoins?! ��


CoinPot is a microwallet and accumulates your smaller collections until there is a significant amount to be transferred to your Coinbase account.

This microwallet can accumulate three different cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin.

The very first two can be deposited into your Coinbase account but for the Dogecoin you will need to use a Dogechain Wallet.

Signup with these three most trusted , rated, user friendly and recommend Bitcoin & Altcoin Faucets presently online.

Claim your very first Satoshi, Dogecoin and Litoshi amounts by logging in and completing the reCAPTCHA security test.

You will be able to do this every five minutes with these three faucets! That’s right, no jokes.

If you do not collect every five minutes the amounts will still accumulate but slower and slower as time passes.

Ideally you want to claim at least once a day so you can build the “Daily loyalty bonus” that can go up to 100%.

Each time you claim there is also a “Mystery bonus” that will be random from 1% – 100%.

With loyalty, referrals, tasks and mystery bonuses you can get up to 400% extra with each claim.

Once you have referrals you will earn 25% – 50% on all their claims as well!




This can lightly become a lucrative passive income stream with the right strategy.

Movie – Doug Casey discusses the implications of Fedcoin & Bitcoin.

Hope you liked this very first part of The Bitcoin Faucet, learned something or gained some value.

Please feel free to comment below should you need help or have any questions.

You can also warn and help the community by reporting a scam faucet or similar site or if you have something interesting to share with the audience.

Will be glad to assist you in anyway I can.

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